From the most cost-efficient to the most glamorous – we do it all!
Whether it’s retro on rods, taffeta on eyelets, voluptous voiles, or swags of silk – Active Furnishers will design it, quote and install it.All possible applications, and all current textile options are at our fingertips – just for you.All you have to do is… Call for your free consultation.

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Rods & Tracks

It is no longer just a question of choosing between a rod or track. Rods are predicted to continue their reign as the most influential accessory in curtain design. As part of our in-home design service our decorators will advise on what style of rod or track best suits your decor choice.The concept of ‘custom made’ becomes a reality with Active Furnishers range of rods.

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Bedcovers & Cushions

Finishing touches to complement any palette of bedroom decor are easily attainable with Active Furnishers. For some rooms, a smart window covering is not enough but a stylish co-ordinating accessory is all that’s required to complete your personalised look.One solution is a custom-made bed cover and/or cushions.Call for your free consultation.

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Let us create imaginative solutions for your furnishings needs.We believe in excellence!

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