Confused? Don’t know where to begin? You’ve come to the right place. The answers to your decor dilemmas can be discussed, without fuss, at your place at a time that suits you.
Our consultants have a reputation for transforming ordinary rooms into ‘decors of difference’ through the use of colour, texture and style.


Dunedin Team
AliThornicroft BrendaMosley
Ali Thornicroft comes from a background in comprehensive home furnishing with extensive interior/exterior design experience. Brenda Mosley has extensive experience in soft furnishings, including drapery and wallpaper.
Lynne is our Dunedin Showroom Consultant with qualifications in Art & Design.  She has a special interest in Interiors, and helping new clients on their own design journey.
Wanaka Team
Helen and Hannah can help you with all aspects of design, whether it be new builds or renovations.

With Helen’s extensive 12+years experience, and local knowledge of the environments’ effect, she can assist with anything from drapery to flooring and everything in between.


Together, they are looking forward to being completely involved in every stage of their clients design process from conceptualizing to installation.

Ali, Brenda, Lynne, Helen & Hannah are passionate about working with people and look forward to demonstrating the quality of service they are able to provide.

All you have to do is… Call for your free consultation.

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